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Group Couselor

Our Group Counselors are some of our most valued volunteers.  Without these blessed individuals,  our young campers would not have the opportunity to stay overnight at camp. 

Group Counselors are required to be at camp from Monday night through Thursday, after the Rodeo. Group Counselors sleep in the sleeping area with the campers to server as night time chaperones. Group Counselors also spend the day with the campers when they are not in the arena, however many Counselors choose to stay with the group during arena time to assist the Instructor if they have horse experience.  Outside of arena time, Counselors accompany campers to games, crafts, small group ministry, meals, and worship times.  Group Counselors also lead campers in a nightly devotion.


Group Counselors are a positive, Christian role models and should conduct themselves as such.   

If you believe you would make a good Counselor, please fill out the attached documents and send to

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