Register Online

Please Follow the steps 1-7 to Ensure your Registrations is Received Properly 

Registration Closes March 31st!

Friendly Reminder: As classes start to fill up, you can still indicate your first choice on your registration forms. You will be added to the waitlist of your first choice and assigned to your second choice class. If a spot opens up in your first choice, you will be moved to your first choice class based on your position on the waitlist.

To register online:

1) Complete the Registration Form on this page

2) Click on the class you would like to register for

3) Click Click Here (Desktop) or Book Now (Mobile)

4) Click on the Time under Monday, June 22nd

5) Click Next

6) Enter your information and click Pay Now (Desktop) or Next followed by Pay Now (Mobile)

7) Choose your payment method


Keep in mind if you are paying in person, we must receive your $100 deposit within 1 week to reserve your spot; If you are paying online it will only charge you for the $100 deposit when registering you will then either pay the remaining balance when you arrive at camp, or request a PayPal invoice at anytime.

STOP! Make Sure you click Submit before continuing. 

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