Drill Team

The Drill Team class is designed to sharpen existing horsemanship and horse handling knowledge. This class will learn an perform a routine set to music. This class is offered to intermediate through advanced campers.  Our instructors reserve the right to move campers to a different class if they are not ready for Drill Team.


Bring Own Horse?  YES


Riding Knowledge?  YES


Class Capacity: 13


Meet your Instructor:

Hello, my name is Karrie Mueller. I am the Drill Team Instructor. I am excited to see returning campers and meet the new campers starting their journey with faith at Rodeo bible camp. A little about myself, I grew up on a farm not far from where I currently reside. I was very lucky I have owned a horse my entire life. In fact, I still have one of them, he is enjoying life keeping an eye on everyone. I have an amazing Husband Joel. He is very supportive of me, and our 3 children. Our Kids ages are twin 15-year-olds, one boy Josh and one girl Jessica and an Eight-year-old Jolyssa. Jessica is also a Teen helper at Camp, and Jolyssa is one of the campers. At rodeo bible camp we are a team that is comprised of an awesome counselor Mckennzie Henning and a great teen helper and our campers. Throughout the year I will jot down some moves that I think would be fun to try and at camp we will try them and see if they work or if anyone else has some ideas that might work better and then we practice our routine, take care of the horses and ourselves while learning about how faith is such an important part of our lives.

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